Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ty and Marcus after game and the drive back from Canada

they lost 3-1.....2nd place silver division!

Marcus Daniels received the MVP of this game!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

They won 4-3!!!!

Next game tomorrow morning fighting for third place! Today they played the Richmond team tomorrow???? I dont know yet but the game is at 930 in the morning

They won 3-1!

we play tonight again at idea yet who we play but if they keep winning they will play again tomorrow morning for third over all and first intheir bracket!

off to the rink

Patty you asked who they played was the Kerry Park Islanders from Mill Bay BC. they only had four from 1993 and and five 1992 and 10 from 1991...shouldnt make a difference really...the reffing made more of a difference than anything. Our boys scored the first two goals then it got ugly. a lot of sore boys this morning but Doran will have fresh legs, he had the flu yesterday and stayed at the hotel. Two days before that it was Marcus....Ty is taking vitamins like crazy! :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

they play tomorrow at 730

They play the Nanaimo Clippers A2 team from BC.....finally a team that is our age! only 4 from 1991, 5 from 1992 and 7 from 1993....

they lost 4-2 :( The roughest game so far

They played so was such a rough game. The reffing so far had been superb...this game, not so much. I dont know yet when they play tomorrow...Ty got two penalties and one assist