Sunday, June 8, 2008

great weekend

What a wonderful weekend with the boys! We went to the park, jumped on the trampoline, canoed, worked in the garden, and got our chickens! It has been hard keeping Cam out of the box that the chickens are living in right now....he really likes them! Both boys have fed them right out of their hands....I hope it keeps being as good of an experience as it is right now. We also went skating today, well for ten minutes or so! Then ate pizza at the rink, it sure is nice to have good food right there. When Cam and I went canoeing this afternoon we were both amazed at the size of the fish we saw right here in our slough! we saw some 12 inch grayling but then we found the hot spot for the pike...HUGE! Cam tried to catch them, not realizing he has no hook on his pole...I guess I better put a hook on there. The thought scares me a little though! The weather has been awesome in the high 70 to low eighties yesterday and mid to high 70's now. Makes for a great time outside...running through sprinklers, soccer, just fun! If this weather keeps up we are going to have to buy stock in popsicles!