Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday at Alaska Land

picture of Tyler taken by Cameron

Sunday with Daddy and Grandpa watching videos on the computer...
Grandpa brought popping bubbles!!!!

Riding on the carousel with Daddy and Grandpa

On the choo choo train
We saw a steam shovel

Now we can drive a train ourselves

I love this angelic look
Grandpa wants to play too!

Ty plays with Cam on the giant jungle gym

Cam zooming down the slide
Tyler zooms too!

A little help from his big brother...thanks Ty!

Hey here comes the train!
3 generations!

Pssst...hey Cam....go ask for ice cream....
Yeah! Ice Cream!!!
Me too!!!!

Mommy and Cam
goof ball!
mommy is tired

Picture of Cameron taken by Cameron!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


dutch oven turkey at home!

It was a ten and a half pound turkey and it took an hour and a half to roast

My lilac bush is really doing well

Ttyler and H. playing soccer

Chickens week three. The roosters are now obvious and walk around puffing out their chests and look like mini gang bangers!

Cam in the box Grandpa brought...."mommy can you see me?"
Ty trys to hide in the box too!
Cam helps....
Did you notice the handsome new hair cut? :)
"Ty...this is how you do it!"

H. gives it a shot too!

With a little help from Ty and Cam!

Here is the real reason for the box! Grandpa mounted my hen and drake mallards from last October! Arent they beautiful?!